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First a short explenation of what you're about to see. Below you see an example of a double stamp.

Azerbeidzjan series 01.01

Azerbaijan series 01.01


Mint never hinged

Mint hinged


The information starts with a unique titel. Always use this with
        potential correspondence.
Subsequently there is next to the stamp a link to our known info.
Below this link is mentioned how many double's we have.
A remark about the scanned stamp. The stamp you see is the one from
       our collection, so the double itself is not the same as the stamp you see.
It is also possible that a Mint Never Hinged stamp is vissible while we only have Used double stamps. This all is only to keep us from a lot of scanning. It's not our intention to lead you astray.
Although there not visible, the quality of our double's is mostly the same as the one you do see. When in doubt we can always scan the real double and mail it to you.
Any stamps you want to trade or buy/sell you can mail to: PelGlint
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